JBS Scholars

JBS Scholars
Our JBS Scholars Programme is a 6 month intensive study course for pre-professional students wishing to graduate to professional dance colleges at 16 or 18 yrs to pursue a career in ballet or performing arts.

By providing a supplementary afternoon a week, it is the first step towards introducing these young students to a professional level of study with classes in Ballet, Pas De Deux, Repertoire, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Acrobatics and Pilates/Body conditioning. Limbering classes are also free to all JBS Scholars.

All students enrolled on this programme will spend a minimum of 3 hours extra study every Friday with classes taught by invited guests and the staff of JBS. Visits to the Theatre are included as part of the course.

Students are auditioned for the course in December and are expected to attend regularly from January to the end of June.

Guest teachers include: Amanda Armstrong, Michael Kopinsky, Richard Slaughter, Emily Piercy, Francesca Filpi, Lucy Newton, Ewan Wardrop, Manfredi Perego, Mandy Montanez, Dale Elston , Simon Grey, Sean O’Brien.